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lisa's truffles, nobbles and balls

Lisa’s Swiss Sensibility

½ cup Cacao Nibs (can be ground in coffee grinder or bought powdered), ¼ cup carob powder, ¼ cup Agarve syrup, 1 deserts spoon Maca, 2 big spoons Coconut oil, ½ cup Cashew nuts. Mix together in a blender and press into dish, refrigerate to set and impress!

Lisa’s Inner Access Balls
Desicated coconut or fresh ground in a coffee grinder, Lecithin, Bee pollen, flax oil.
Use more coconut that other ingredients but play around with quantities to make desired consistency. Roll into balls and refrigerate.

Lisa’s Goji Nut Nobbles
Soaked pecan nuts, fresh dates, cacao nibs, goji berries, maca, tahini, agarve syrup.
Chuck in a blender and roll mixture into balls.

Lisa’s Triffik Truffles
Maca, tahini, agarve syrup. Mix together in a bowl, roll into balls and coat with sesame seeds

Lisa’s Super Sweet Sticky Balls
Soaked cashew nuts and almonds, raisins, dates, sunflower seeds, Goji berries, coconut oil, flax oil, agarve syrup if needed. Mix together in a blender and roll into balls

Lisa’s Aphrodites Balls
Dates, Cacao powder (ground up nibs), soaked brazil nuts, coconut oil.

Contributed by:
Lisa Christie

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