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lisa's pumpkin curry

1.5kg peeled and cubed pumpkin or squash
2 medium onions
60g ginger, 3 inches
3 red chillies
3 lemongrass
1 lime
Tumeric, cumin and coriander
Coconut milk
Fresh coriander and mint

1. cook onions slowly in big pan with coconut oil, add ginger shredded into matchsticks with the seeded and chopped chillies and peeled and sliced lemongrass, cook for 5 mins

2. add 2 tsp tumeric, 1tsp cumin and 1tsp coriander

3. stir in 800g roughly chopped tomatoes, let soften for 5-7 mins, keep stirring so not to burn

4. pour in 400g vegetable stock

5. when simmering add pumpkin, cook for 20-25 mins

6. add tin coconut milk gently

7. add juice of lime and fresh herbs

8. service with short grain brown rice or quinoa

Contributed by:
Lisa Christie

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