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  julie's late spring salad

This is a lovely fresh raw salad. Great for gently cleansing and hydrating the body. Those that use lecithin in their diet may wish to add this in with the mix. These ingredients are interchangeable, depending on your preferences and seasonal availability.

1 Carrot
½ Courgette
½ - 1 Sprig of brocolli
5 - 10cm (2-4) Cucumber
1 - 2cm Cubed Ginger
A few green leaves (e.g. Lettice leaves/rocket/watercress)
Juice of ½ Lemon, (without pips)
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed Oil

1. Grate carrot, courgette, cucumber, and ginger. Put in large bowl.

2. Rip lettice/green leaves up and add to bowl. (Ripping means it will turn brown slower than cutting with a knife Ė and besides itís more tactile and spontaneous, allowing you to connect more with your food. The ancient Indian system of Ayurveda recognised that contact with the food via your skin allows the body to detect whatís on its way and prepare for appropriate digestion).

3. Finely slice/chop broccoli. Add to bowl.

4. Add lemon juice and flaxseed oil, (and possible lecithin, if you have that in your diet).

5. Toss. Enjoy!

Variations - Using Julie'slate spring salad as a starting point and substituting some of the ingredients makes:

Option 1: replace lemon juice and cucumber with orange juice and (grated) beetroot. (the orange and beetroot are slightly more warming to the body than lemon juice and cucumber, and so more appropriate for earlier spring-time, when the weather is a little cooler).

Option 2: replace cucumber and courgette with grated apple and chopped walnuts. (again, cucumber is cooling to the body and so best eaten in season, i.e. late spring to late summertime).

Contributed by:
Julie Evans

©Julie Evans, June 2005

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