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  kirsten's houmous

200g chickpeas, soaked overnight and sprouted for a couple of days (alternatively soaked then simmered for 1-1/5 hours until soft)
3-4 tbsp tahini
juice of 1 to 1.5 lemons
extra virgin olive oil
flax oil (optional) & soya lecithin granules (1 tsp soya lecithin for each tbsp flax oil)
rice or almond milk (optional makes for lighter consistency)
black pepper and tamari or liquid amino acidsto taste (optional)
paprika (optional)

1. Add everything to blender and blend!

2. Keep in airtight container in fridge

I use different quantities every time I make this, so play around with this till you get something you like. Everyone likes their houmous a certain way, so keep tasting and testing as you go but please switch off the blender at the plug each time you do so!

If you use flax oil, then please make sure you use this up quickly. And you might want to blend everything else up and then stir in the flax oil manually afterwards to avoid it getting hot in the blender.

If you find the houmous forms a slight crust while its in the fridge, then stir in some more oil.

Contributed by:
Kirsten Chick (formerly Santry)

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