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  kirsten's coconut and bean stew

equal amounts of mung beans and aduki beans, soaked overnight
1 tsp kelp powder or some cut up strips of kombu
a couple of carrots
1-2 leeks
1 tbsp tahini
1/2 pint coconut milk
1 clove garlic, chopped
black pepper to taste
a little turmeric, cumin and nutmeg to taste
tamari or liquid amino acids to taste if required

1. Rinse and drain the beans, bring to boil in a pan, add the kelp powder or kombu strips and simmer until nearly soft.

2 . Add the carrots and continue to simmer.

3. When the carrots are half cooked, add the leeks and broccoli.

4. Keep an eye on the water levels, and top up with coconut milk from time to time.

5. Add garlic, black pepper and spices.

6. Stir in the tahini to thicken the sauce.

7. Stir in tamari/amino acids if required, and serve.

Contributed by:
Kirsten Chick (formerly Santry)

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