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Want to spring up your greens?

The recipes on this website are all contributed by nutritionists trained at the College of Natural Nutrition who are passionate about their food. As well as recipes, you will find tips and info on what different foods are and what to do with them :)

The website is a work in progress, and as it grows and develops, Iíll be adding more features that make your life easier, so please keep checking in. Comments and feedback are welcome, please send to contact us

Eating healthily doesnít have to be rigid and bland. Itís about exploring our ever-changing relationships with different foods. Thereís such an immense range of tastes, textures, colours, aromas, sensations and vibrations that food can provide, and we can use all our senses in each experience.

So I would also encourage you to experiment with the recipes. If you donít have or donít want want millet, substitute quinoa or rice. Adapt the recipes according to whatís seasonal, and what feels good for you. If you fancy something a bit spicier, throw in some ginger or chillies. If you want something simple, take a few ingredients out.

This site is not about policing your eating habits, but about opening up variety, and the chance to feel what a difference food can make to your life. Itís about giving you more ideas, more choice.

Above all, cooking can be one of the most pleasurable parts of your day. Cooking is a dance, a meditation, a time to play, a time to be creative. If you prepare and eat your food with love and attention, then that energy will become a part of you.

But at the end of the day, how you use this site is entirely up to you. My wish is just that it adds to your life.

Kirsten Chick D.N.N
Natural Nutritionist

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